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Body Toning

Body Toning (20mins is equivalent to 350 sit ups!) electro-pads to stimulate muscle to work while you lie down and relax.


£18.50       Body Toning Treatment

£90.00      Course of 6

£170.00     Course of 12

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Inch Loss Body Wrap

Clinically proven and tested to ensure you lose inches off your body. Ideal to squeeze into that party dress or suit and excellent to help with diet and fitness programme. Guaranteed to stay off for up to 28 days! Can lose up to 12 inches!


£45.00     ½ Body Wrap

£50.00     Full Body Wrap

Honey I Shrunk

“Drop up to a dress size in 60mins” An Inch Loss Body Wrap that works by Lypolysis, a revolutionary method of removing unwanted fat.


£55.00     Book & pay for 5 and receive the 6th treatment FREE

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